Miami is an eclectic city full of vibrance, life, fun, and some really amazing food. From expensive, luxurious restaurants with waitlists a mile long to tiny, hole-in-the-wall neighborhood joints, the Miami culinary scene has something for everyone. Cuisine in Miami is heavily inspired by Cuban and Latin flavors due to the fact that 70% of Miami’s population is Latino. Miami chefs are serving up all kinds of imaginative, flavorful dishes to keep the city’s foodies entertained. 

Whether it comes from a box or is made in a five-star restaurant, everyone can agree that mac and cheese is delicious, hearty, and nostalgic.

A simple mac and cheese is great, but if you know anything about Miami, you know that they don’t do anything simple. Chefs all around Miami have taken mac and cheese and livened it up with fresh, bold flavors. Once you try the mac and cheese creations on this list, you’ll never be satisfied with the boxed stuff again. 

Monster Mac

We are Monster Mac, a fresh new mac and cheese restaurant by Nextbite brands. We love mac and cheese because it’s comforting, delicious, and extremely versatile. Our gooey mac and cheese can be ordered plain or elevated with exciting flavors and add-ins. 

Monster Mac uses a cloud kitchen model. This means our food is only available via delivery, and we don’t have a physical space for guests to sit and dine-in. This allows us to put greater emphasis and focus on the quality of our food and our ingredients. To try us out, simply log on to your favorite delivery app, select your mac, and we’ll do the rest. We’re currently partnered with Postmates, Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub, and more.

Mac and cheese purists will appreciate our Classic Mac, a traditional mac and cheese which is the base for most of our other creations. The classic mac is where it all started, and with one bite, you’ll be transported right back to childhood. The simplicity of the dish allows the gooey cheese and the tender pasta to really shine. 

Our Street Mac is our traditional mac and cheese, with Mexican street corn, queso fresco, roasted peppers, and cilantro. This dish captures all the flavor of elote, a traditional Mexican dish that many Cuban chefs have adopted as their own. The corn, peppers, and cilantro provide freshness and brightness, while the cheese adds a smooth creaminess that’ll melt in your mouth.

Our Buffalo Mac, which is our traditional mac and cheese blended with spicy buffalo chicken breast, blue cheese crumbles & green onions, brings all the spice and flavor of buffalo chicken wings without the messy fingers. The spicy buffalo sauce, the tangy blue cheese, and the fresh green onions combine in perfect harmony. This dish is perfect for game day, but you’ll crave it every day of the week.

The Loaded Beast gets its name from the fact that it’s loaded to the brim with bacon, green onions, crème fraîche, fried shallots, and roasted garlic chips. This dish is luxurious, creamy, and smooth, with pops of crunchy bacon and crispy garlic and shallot. This is one beast you’ll definitely want to tame. 

If you’re a seafood lover, as many Miamians are, grab our Cajun Mac, a gouda mac and cheese stuffed with Cajun crab, truffle oil, shredded parmesan, and gouda. Stone crab is hugely popular in Southern Florida, and this dish celebrates that succulent delicacy. The savory truffle oil and the gooey cheese blend are just icing on the cake. 

If you want truffle to be the star of the show, we suggest our Truffle Mac, a gouda mac and cheese with truffle oil, grilled portobello mushrooms, and shredded parmesan. Miami is a city of luxury, with some of the most expensive restaurants, hotels, and retail stores in the U.S. The Truffle Mac brings all the flavor of luxury at a price that won’t break the bank. 

We know we have the best mac and cheese options in Miami. However, we love this community, and we encourage you to try out these local places that are serving up more innovative mac and cheese creations. 

Bocas House

Bocas House is a gastronomic restaurant that serves elevated Latin fusion cuisine. Their menu boasts a variety of fresh ceviches, seafood, and traditional Latin dishes. Their claim to fame is their over-the-top milkshakes, most of which are served with an entire slice of cake on top.

But, as Mom always said, before you get dessert, you have to eat your dinner. Bocas House offers a few different mac and cheese creations inspired by Latin flavors. They offer a Classic Mac and Cheese for the purists, as well as a “Goya” Guava Mac and Cheese, made with a sweet and salty guava sauce, shredded pork, and micro cilantro. Their most popular mac and cheese dish is the aptly named The Winner, made with 12-hour slow-cooked short ribs, smoky bacon, manchego, and mozzarella cheeses. 

World Famous House of Mac

Chef Derrick Turton, the man behind World Famous House of Mac, didn’t follow the traditional career path after culinary school. In fact, he previously worked in the music industry, managing huge artists like Miami native Pitbull. Although he was extremely successful in the music industry, he never lost his passion for cooking and would cook in the studio for artists like A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Yung Joc. 

In 2014, when Turton launched World Famous Mac and Cheese, it was an instant hit in Miami. They serve Caribbean soul food, inspired by Turton’s family’s roots in Trinidad. Their menu offers comfort food classics like burgers, pizza, and of course, their famous mac and cheese.

Their classic World Famous Five Cheese Truffle Mac and Cheese is a five cheese truffle mac with cheddar jack cheese, baked with bread crumbs on top. But that decadent dish is only the tip of the cheesy iceberg. 

Other popular options include Jerk Mac and Cheese, made with grilled jerk chicken, jerk alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese and breadcrumbs, and Lump Crab Mac and Cheese, stuffed with jumbo lump crab, scampi alfredo sauce, mozzarella, and breadcrumbs. Their menu currently boasts 17 innovative mac and cheese creations, so you’ll have to make multiple trips to make sure you try them all.

Doce Provisions

Doce Provisions serves Cuban-inspired fare with worldly influences. Guests can enjoy their food, along with craft beer and wine, on their hidden tropical patio. Doce Provisions has a laid-back atmosphere, but their food feels like it could be served at any fancy restaurant in Miami.

Most of the Doce Provisions menu is inspired by Cuban cuisine, but their mac and cheese actually incorporates Japanese flavors. Served with a choice of shrimp or short ribs, the Doce Mac and Cheese is made with a truffle cheddar dashi. This means that the cheese has been fortified in dashi, which is the base for miso soup. Their mac and cheese is also served with pimento crumble and sprinkled with a Japanese spice called togarashi, making it a beautiful blend of global flavors.

Big Pink

Opened in 1996, Big Pink has been providing Miami locals with classic diner-inspired dishes and a retro atmosphere for decades. The restaurant incorporates nostalgic details to pay homage to the classic 1950’s diner, like serving their “TV Dinners” on stainless steel trays and their signature pink Volkswagen Beetles parked out front. Their menu of over 200 items has something for everyone, from loaded salads, sandwiches, and burgers, to their famous Skillet Baked Mac and Cheese.

Since mac and cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods, it’s no surprise that the customers at Big Pink adore it. They offer a plain version, as well as a Skilled Baked Chili Mac, complete with a crumbled Fritos toppings and a Skilled Baked “Piggy Mac,” which is Carolina pulled pork blended with creamy gouda mac and cheese. 


Miami is a vibrant city full of music, dance, and delicious food. Whether you’re a local or are just stopping by for a visit, be sure to check out the amazing mac and cheese creations on this list. 

To order from Monster Mac, find us on your favorite delivery apps, such as Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats, and DoorDash. Or, you can visit us online here to learn more about what we do. 


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